Models’ Faces Split and Mirrored Down the Middle

Photographer Wendelin Spiess created this series of images for the latest edition of USED magazine. Spiess took photographs of models, split the faces down the middle, and mirrored them. They say human beauty has a lot to do with facial symmetry — perhaps models’ faces are more symmetrical than your average mug?

You can find more of Spiess work on his website and on Saint Luke Artists, and purchase the USED issue here.

USED Magazine #3 (via HUH)

Image credits: Photographs by Wendelin Spiess/Saint Luke Artists and used with permission

  • will hall

    This demonstrates that you only need to be microscopicly off-center when mirroring a face for the resulting ‘person’ to be ugly

  • Juan Gil

    I did this to my facebook profile photo a couple months ago and it gives you some interesting results.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    This seems to work better on male models.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    This seems to work better on male models.

  • JN

    Looks like an exact copy of Julian Wolkenstien’s work-

  • Zak Henry

    These aren’t all the same photo flipped both ways – at least the bottom one is two photos, unless she had half lipstick and mismatching eye makeup?

  • newamericanclassic

    especially with the last photo, I’d say this is more indicative of sloppy photoshop rather than lack of symmetry.

    pics were probably off-center to begin with, and he clearly didn’t put much effort into fixing that.

  • Tim Carden

    Wow, this is great. Who has this kinda’ time?