First Sample Video Shot with Google’s Camera Glasses

Yesterday we shared some new sample photos published by Google showing what its Project Glass prototype camera glasses are currently capable of. The video above is the first sample video captured using the glasses, and is a short 15-second clip showing a first person view of someone doing flips on a trampoline. With current cameras, the only way to achieve this kind of hands-free footage would be to use some kind of (relatively) unwieldy camera strapped to the head or body (e.g. a GoPro mounted on a helmet), but Google Glass would allow people to record this kind of thing by simply wearing a pair of glasses.

(via Project Glass via The Verge)

  • Moosekiller

    A GoPro is unwieldy?

  • Oliver Lea

    Then you faceplant and smash your glasses. Ouch.

  • Michael Zhang

    :) Relatively. Just added that word, thanks!

  • Knur

    bye bye GoPro

  • Eric Allison

    I’m sure these glasses are heavier than your average pair of spectacles or sunglasses.  And the last time I did a flip on a trampoline, my glasses went flying. :)

  • GatesMaura44

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  • Tom

    Is it just me who thinks that footage is stabilised somehow?

  • nerys

    it is stabilized. by something FAR more liquid and useful than any IS system. YOUR SKULL. :-) your naturall stabilize your “head” so your EYES can do their thing. so the camera reaps the same benefit.

    I am not sure what they mean by unwieldy. I already have “head camera’s” smaller than google glasses mounted to MY glasses and its 720p.

    only 1 hour run time but I am working on a headband batter pack to give me 10 hours run time so I can record EVERY day all day to capture those previously never caught moments.

    I use the little key fob 720p camera from ebay $32. strip the case and its amazingly tiny. Thinking of mounting it BEHIND one of the lenses of my glasses since I don’t use it anyway (only have one working eye)

  • nerys

    I think it is. I DO want them (for the wifi back and roid control interface but can’t afford them yet) I got some Veholdr’s and they are amazing.