Marc Jacobs Slaps Graffitied Store Photo onto Shirt, Gets Last Laugh

Don’t mess with Marc Jacobs. That’s the lesson graffiti artists should take from a teensy little altercation between Marc Jacobs and the infamous graffiti artist Kidult. When Marc Jacobs employees awoke to a vandalized Soho boutique the morning after the Met Ball, they snapped a few photos before starting to clean it up. But instead of just stopping there and moving on, Marc Jacobs decided instead to turn the whole thing on its head, slap the photo on a t-shirt, and sell it with the caption “Art by Art Jacobs.”

And how much will it cost you to obtain this wearable art? According to Marc Jacobs’ twitter:

Now that’s getting the last laugh.

(via New York Fashion)

  • Ndt

    Degenerate vandals, owned by someone with a brain, and while they ride their skateboards, Mr Jacobs will drive around in a Bentley. 

  • Gcshaw

    I thought I got the joke, but I must not: why is it $9 cheaper with artist’s signature.  

  • rye j

    he could have moved a bit to the left and made the wall flatter

  • guest

    It’s an insult – he’s saying it’s worth less if the artist signs it

  • WetcoastBob

    Who owns copyright?  Graffiti artist of course.  Think he will sue?  Last laugh for sure!

  • Knur

    What graffiti artist ? :)

  • Ndt

    Its not graffiti art.. its vandalism, pure and simple

  • Tianlechen

    explanation: “they (Marc Jacobs employees) snapped a few photos before starting to clean it up”

  • Sum One

    This is why I recommend cinder blocks instead of spray paint for your vandalism needs.

  • HoldenKeith57

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  • Pjotr
  • Sabot Images

    This is a great way to turn something back on those who think they are the 99% but are really not even 1%. 

  • Aequitas67

    does it come with exif data information?

  • Malene Jensen

    I don’t get why Marc jacobs Tee’s are this much, they are only 40-100 euro in Milan, i guess this is a really special edition, or else he just wanna get back on the person who did it… :))) hahaha