Growing Up in Photos: Thirteen First Days of School

Wonderful idea alert: to document the growth of her son, Reddit user dittidot faithfully snapped a photograph of him on his first day of school for thirteen years, from kindergarten through the end of high school. After he left for college, she lined up all the photographs for this awesome visualization showing him “growing up” (click here for a larger version).

First Day of School Pic (via BREKEND)

  • matt n.

    Funny that he wore the same shirt in grade 9 and 10, and appears to be the same shoes in grade 8 and 11?  Apparently his feet don’t grow..

  • guest

    He used the same shirt for over a year (notice the faded black) and the same brand of shoes.

  • Joseph Mietus

    I’m not usually one to harp on lame content, but didn’t everyone’s mom take a similar photo on the first day of school? 

  • 1314 STUDIO

    this is kind of interesting. 

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    But not everyone’s mom did a collage like this. I found it interesting, a documentation of the average middle class kid. He could be anyone.

  • Devon Chambers

    I’m so doing these corny things for my kids, I hope they appreciate it later on. 

  • 9inchnail

    Some moms don’t even know which school their kid goes to or which class they’re in. We’re not living in an episode of the Wonder Years unfortunately.

  • Lisette Rozenberg

    My mom didn’t… I don’t think everyone’s mom takes a picture… I only have some school pictures and not even all of them because my mom thought they were to expensive. 

  • GambleIrma29

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