Photoshop-Themed Mirror for Retouching Your Face in the Mornings

Yesterday we were whimsically wondering what life would be like if we could Photoshop away some of life’s more unpleasant moments, and today we’ve stumbled onto a different approach in the form of the Retouch Mirror. The mirror, which will cost you about $85 from Atypyk, is a fun bathroom accessory for photographers who want to make their morning routine feel more like a post-processing session. If you don’t want to drop $85, you can always convert your existing mirror into a Retouch Mirror using these Photoshop magnets.

The Retouch Mirror (via Gizmodo)

  • T-dawg

    If only there was a puppet warp for real life.

  • Markus WET

    Not even CS6? How “outdated” ^^

  • Adam Cross

    it would be cool if it were actually photoshop instead of an imitation – I guess they couldn’t get the rights to it

  • Merv

    Wow, what do you buy for somebody who has everything?

    This, because it’s utterly pointless.

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