Time-Lapse Shows Eight Years of 1 WTC Construction in Just Two Minutes

Yesterday One World Trade Center officially became the tallest building in New York City. Since 2004, the EarthCam network has had cameras pointed at the construction site, documenting its progress. Taking images captured over the past eight years, the website created the mesmerizing time-lapse video above that shows eight years of construction in just two minutes.

The Associated Press also created its own time-lapse video showing construction from October 2010 to April 2012.

  • JSN

    Incredible. How do they get the cranes out of the inside of the structure? Or do the beams become part of the building? 

  • Wolf Cocklin

    The Cranes rise with the building, when they reach the top… a smaller crane is brought in to take down the main cranes, then an even smaller crane is brought in to take down the small crane :-)

  • Cloverbjc

    this is awesome…

  • Pj

    Amazing thing and amazing spirit. My builder took longer to put a frankly rubbish roof on   

  • Henryh12345

    Incredible. Proud to be an American Henry Stern Fl.

  • Vikram Ryan

    how many shots did you take, and at what interval for Eight years.. would you give me some insight on the photography calculations please..