Nikon May Turn to Aptina for Its Entry-Level Full-Frame Sensor

The latest rumor circulating around the “entry-level full-frame” topic is that Nikon may shying away from Sony when it comes to getting a full-frame sensor for the rumored D600. The rumor came as a result of an article on the Italian website MarsicaLive, which stated that Aptina Imaging is designing a new full-frame CMOS sensor for DSLRs; they also write that — according to unconfirmed rumors — the sensor is being designed specifically for Nikon. Although this is the first full-frame sensor designed by Aptina, Nikon is already familiar with the company as the V1 mirrorless camera already uses one of Aptina’s sensors.

(via Nikon Rumors)

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  • Kozmo Nauta

    So basicly a new aptina cemara coming soob]n or late.Why cant produce nikon its own sensor?

  • monteraz

    they are busy increasing prices. 

    cheapest and better Nikon “full frame” is Nikon F100 :) 

  • Broccolo

    because if they use sony or canon sensors they will suck… so they will use fuji

  • Samcornwell

    Nice, and indeed!

  • Toomas Kadarpik

    Aptina is very good sensor even in CX format, the IQ is very predictable and slow iso images are quite smooth compared to sensor size.  They can push dynamic range to quite extreme with its new dynamically connected capacitor system.  Sony sensor  highlight is never uniform at slow isos-s, canon does much better here, Aptina has promised to join both features, high sensitivity and very good IQ at low isos.