Michael Wolff on Seeing Creatively

Admittedly, Michael Wolff is not a photographer, but this six minute Intel Visual Life documentary is still worth watching for any and all creative types — especially photographers. Our favorite part is his ellaboration on the muscles of “seeing” and creativity: curiosity (or questioning), appreciation (or noticing) and, lastly, imagination. He explains each so beautifully; and as a bonus, if you’re interested in branding and design, there’s few people better suited to tell you about it than Mr. Wolff.

Intel Visual Life — Michael Wolf (via MultiMediaShooter)

  • Richard

    That’s a great piece DL, thanks for posting it. I think quite appropriate for a photography site or any site discussing how we see.

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  • Flgraphics

    great video. Beautifully shot, and some fine words from a wise man