Inspirational Time-Lapse of Yosemite and the Sierra

Here’s a little bit of weekend inspiration for you. When photographer Shawn Reeder was 18-years-old, he won a trip to Yosemite and fell in love with the national park and what he describes as its “changing beauty.” This time-lapse, which took almost two years of shooting to make, is a manifestation of Reeder’s love of the area and his desire to share it with others.

Nothing brings me more joy than to share this life changing beauty with others. Ever since I became fascinated with timelapse photography almost two years ago, after seeing the work of Tom Lowe, I’ve wanted to do a piece on Yosemite and the Sierra. Now after almost two years of shooting, I’m thrilled to share. I hope you enjoy my vision of my home, the majestic Yosemite and Sierra.

Full-screen and high definition are highly-recommended.

(via The Atlantic)

  • Narengedia

    After watching this i think i have not achieve wht i want till yet…. 

  • guest

    Some of the frames in there look like there were ripped right out of Tom’s ‘Timescapes’ series.   Imitation is the highest form of flattery I suppose.

  • Dana Bagshaw

    Amazing skyscapes.  Is that the Milky Way, or some sort of nebula?