Nikon Rumored to be Working on an Entry-Level Full-Frame D600

Rumors are beginning to fly about of a cheaper, entry-level, full-frame DSLR coming from Nikon later this year. The new camera, which people are speculating will be called the D600, would be the true replacement for the D700. The D800, then, would fulfill promises from Nikon officials that it would be “a whole new category of camera,” and not a D700 replacement.

Even rumored specs are still pretty hard to come by, but according to Nikon Rumors the D600 would be marketed as an entry-level full-frame, would come with an in-camera raw editor, automatic DX crop mode, dual SD card slots, built-in timelapse and possibly integrated GPS.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • photog

    I have an idea. Let’s see how many bodies we can release in 1 year.

  • 242Digital.Com

    Honestly don’t think NIKON will release a replacement camera with a inferior number… Not logical to have D600 to replace D700… I’ll bet something else is coming… Just my 2 cents…

  • Photo

    I agree, consumers will view the lower number as a downgrade, or old technology. Maybe they’ll call it the D750.

  • Strato_Cast

    I think its time for some full frame entry-level dslr´s, very soon there wont be a economic reason left to use those crop sensors. But the nikon one won´t be called D600 thats for sure

  • Poster

    The D50 was replaced by the D40. Lower numbers have been used by Nikon for newer models before.

  • Ryan Seyeau

    D40 – 2006
    D50 – 2005
    D60 -2008
    D70 -2004
    D80 – 2006

  • Azety Azety

    a Nikon D600 will NOT be a D700 replacement. Just another camera with full frame. But cheaper.

    2 SD SLOT ! not CF.

  • A.Barlow

    I really hope they do, maybe then Canon will join in and make a FF priced similar to the 7D. 

  • Azety Azety

     exact, number is not about age, but about category.