Incredible Wallpaper Created Using 88,000 Photographs of the Sky

Skycatcher Wallpaper is a monumental display created by artists Jonathan Puckey and Luna Maurer. It’s composed of a whopping 88,000 individual photographs of the sky above Amsterdam captured over two years with the camera snapping a photo every five minutes. Each vertical strip contains 144 photographs and shows exactly one day. The gradual change in the number of daylight hours results in fluctuations in the shape of the blue daylight sections of the wallpaper.

(via My Modern Met)

  • Vladimir Byazrov

    Polluting the planet with beauty of 100.000 photos.

  • Pedant

    1 photo per 5 minutes -> 12 an hour -> 288 a day.
    It was actually a photo every 10 minutes (says so on the artist’s site too), just in case anyone wants to repeat this and save some paper :)

  • Paul Philippov

    Note the DST shifts =)

  • Zak Henry

    I wonder what all the blank greyed sections are? Camera malfunction? In the second frame it appears that only one photo was captured on one of the days