A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Lensbaby

Digital Trends has published an interesting “inside look at what’s behind the little (but growing) lens-maker that could”, Lensbaby. You might be surprised at the relatively small size of the operation:

Lensbaby is located on Portland’s east side, in a popular yet quiet neighborhood. The headquarters neighbors family homes and local coffee shops, and does something that not very many offices do anymore: makes things. The entire team is made of up some 40 employees, 15 of them in production, working in minutiae with the disciple of devoted inventors. And while there are many things that make Lensbaby different than its competitors (or the closest thing to, given its very unique position in the market). “The main difference is the kind of people that are making the lenses,” says Strong.

Forget the factory: How Lensbaby creates its custom glass [Digital Trends]

Full disclosure: Lensbaby is a sponsor of this blog

  • Stephen

    What’s a “Lensbaby”?

  • PicsofNothing

     It’s a special effects lens system with interchangeable optics. has example photos and more details.

  • Spider- Man

    What’s a

  • OSAM

    A waste of money

  • Goose

    Why use a Lensbaby when you can just Instagram your photos?

  • Aaro Keipi

     Not sure if joke or troll…

  • Goose

    Instagram is worth a BILLION DOLLAR$.

    LensBaby is just a couple of stoned Portland hipsters making “lenses” by tinkering with cheap glass, plastic, and washing maching hoses.

    Instagram > LensBaby

  • LOL

    If you’re asking that question on the computer or a smartphone or how ever you navigated to this page, then you need to find a better hobby. 

  • LOL

    I guess someone was butt-hurt over the fact that they can’t use photography equipment

  • LOL

    Because obviously you’re made of money. 

  • newamericanclassic

    when did this fascination for all things low-fi and plastic-y emerge? lensbabies (at least it’s real glass), overpriced plastic cameras, instagram, hipstamatic.. though, not to say that I don’t appreciate that style, or don’t have a little repressed inner-hipster. better a lensbaby than a diana f+ worn like a necklace?