A Canon Rebel T2i Fit for a Stormtrooper

Leica charges thousands of dollars extra for its limited edition white cameras, but a Boston-based photo enthusiast named Andrew successfully customized his camera for only a few dollars by going the DIY route. After spending two hours strategically placing green painters tape onto his Canon Rebel T2i DSLR using a razor, he hung the camera by the strap mount and applied six coats of white spray paint and three coats of matte clear.

Here’s another photograph of his unique-looking kit:

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew and used with permission

  • Jeoncs

    I like the painted over buttons and sensors that aren’t going to function properly anymore.

  • russianbox

    have people not realised that spray painting stuff just means its going to chip off later?

  • Dude163

    Looks almost as cool as my Pentax k-x :)

  • Scwilson47

    My favorite part are the Nikon lens caps!

  • Guest

    Held this camera and everything works perfectly. He did a very good job on it. Don’t knock it because you couldn’t do half the job that he did.

  • -MARS- Photography

     its ok… those buttons do what?  DOF preview and Pop-up the flash?

  • Sebastian A. Salazar

    Looks great, but I wouldn’t be evoking stormtroopers, they’re not known for shooting straight.. lol.

  • Wallerus

    Looks good, been trying to paint my 50mm with no luck though.

  • Michael Redondaud

    Nice idea…
    Not very good painting job…
    > masking not very well done (see larger images…) 
    > Lots of paint on grip (Black and white transitions looks crappy)
    I think results would have been better if the camera was dissassemble before painting…

    Sorry if my english seems bad or familiar, i’m just a french guy…

  • Blueshifter

    That’s where I’ve being going wrong. I used a roller on mine…

  • Bownephoto

    He could have just bought a white Panasonic G3?

  • Spider- Man

    Pshhh I used stuco LOL

  • WHysdsds

    Why? It looks like a cake and it is ridiculous.

  • Epsilon 2

    Only poser would care about how his camera look. I recommend going out and actually take pictures than waste time painting the camera.

  • Lee Harris


  • Jessica

    It looks good for a spray paint job, you will never get it perfect spraying anything. I have custom painted a lot of things, an old HP camera, computer cases and I was even asked by some  framing stores orlando to paint some picture frames, It is all about prepping the surface.. If the paint has nothing to stick to it won’t turn out!

  • Rainer Riegler

    It always depends what quality of painting you are doing.
    If you mean that cheap can spray paint I’d agree, but keep in mind that almost all bumpers are made from plastic and painted afterwards.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Sheesh people, it’s only a fucking camera.

    How is this different than a custom paint job on a car?  And you wouldn’t be whining about that. 

    “I suggest he spend more time driving his car than worrying about how it looks”.

  • Rhindal

    Does it come in pink?

  • HMGPhotos

     I can’t like this enough!

    I put zebra print tape on my lens hoods, and I had a ton of people flip their lids over it like I suddenly ruined my lenses and they wouldn’t work anymore. 

    Why do cameras have to be left black and boring?

  • RWS

    Come on… Obi-Wan said “…only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise.”  But then, we never really saw proof of that, did we?

  • AmbientLight

     A real photographer knows what the buttons on his camera do without looking at them… just sayin’.

  • PandaDSLR

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • olddogtricks

    I guess he doesn’t plan on doing any wildlife photography.

  • Are you sure?
  • Kent DjSpiral Frost

    I’m going to paint my hammer and saw next, because how my tools look are way more important than how they function.

  • MiniVan Dan

    I myself have a bit of a spray paint addiction. That said, I thinks it’s ballsy to paint a nice camera. However, if you have ever had the desire to make something look “your own” you would understand why he “wasted his time painting his camera and not shooting it.” I love my 7D, but I don’t have the marbles to chance it. BUT I have repainted my car with spray paint and it looks good, tricky to pull off good paint jobs on that scale, but it’s cheaper than the alternative. Simply said, I take pride in the things I own, and that includes the presentation or “looks” of those things. Kudos good sir, I applaud your ambition to not be like all the others…

  • Real photographer

    I’m sorry, I must have totally missed this part of the article due to the coolness of the camera, but could you explain to me again… How does this help improve my photos or my photography skills?

  • Thecreativedoom

    it looks like a good job for someone who isnt a painter. However over time no matter how good it is it’s going to crack and when it gets hot probably will get sticky. Yes bumpers are painted …not with spray paint. It’d been better to spray with poly 2 stage paint but hey we all can’t have a paint booth at our disposal! ( I sure don’t)

    (I was an aircraft painter for 6 yrs so I do have some sort of cred.) 

  • Trogerwilliams

    I paint my hammers and tools.  That way I don’t lose them!

  • Jenrenfarrar

    Definitely Canon after market lens caps…I have 5 lenses that use them.  They are ProMaster brand….nice try, Nikon.

  • Jenrenfarrar

    AGREED, AGREED, AGREED!  Camera looks great…love the idea.  I’m all about customization if you’re planning on keeping it, why not?
    Great job dude! Love white and black anything!

  • Jenrenfarrar

    Well, it won’t help YOU improve that’s for sure.  I could have sworn the article was named “A Canon T2i, fit for a Storm Trooper”, thereby indicating it’s coolness.  You sir, are not cool.
    Why did you click the link?  To read about pointers or tips for photography?  Or to see a really cool camera?
    Goodness gratious, some people are so dumb.

  • Revelationsofdesign

     It’s only a Canon.

  • Dan

    Looks sexy!

  • Modern Day Pirate

    If you want to be a painter be a painter.

  • Guest

    “Goodness gracious”*

  • MiniVan Dan

    So, I see most people have condemned the guy for “being different.” Not unlike anything else society has done to destroy our individuality so far. So my question to the nay sayers is this: If he gets criticized for being different and choosing to show his personality through his equipment, will you treat him as bad if his photos do not resemble YOUR photos? Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t that WHY you are photographers? Because you have a “vision” you wish to capture to show the world? If we all had the Ansel Adams style of photos – none of us would. Our JOB is to be CREATIVE and see things differently to give contrast to the day to day routine. It’s the same crap on all the other issues people have, and I understand people need something to b**** about otherwise they have nothing of value to say. I only shoot Nikon, if it’s not Canon it’s nothing, why use a PC when Mac is so much better… Pick your argument, they are all irrelevant. Some of my favorite photos recently taken have been with my EVO 4G, does that mean an iPhone user is going to bash my work because it wasn’t on an Apple product? I’m sure someone will…..

  • Sahil trehan

    good job man…would love to try something like this on my cam also

  • Darcygladwin

    get a life, white camera’s improve everything !

  • Darcygladwin

    exactly, get cool !


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  • BullsEye

    a Nikon isn’t worth the effort

  • danielle spera

    How high does the iso go in this camera??? My rebel x only goes up to 1600

  • Dov

    Fit for a stormtrooper? but they couldn’t shoot straight

  • Bob Swaggett

    How did he do the canon lettering?

  • Bob Swaggett

    Really want to paint my canon, but too worried about destroying resale value…on the other hand, a one of a kind custom painted dslr would sell much higher than a regular one on ebay. I just painted an old 30 dollar condenser mic and sold it for $300, trying to do the same with my camera.