US Army Warns Soldiers That Geotagged Photos Can Kill

Earlier this month the US Army published an article warning its soldiers that the ubiquitousness of geotagged photographs these days can present a serious security risk, citing a real-world example of something that happened back in 2007:

When a new fleet of helicopters arrived with an aviation unit at a base in Iraq, some Soldiers took pictures on the flightline, he said. From the photos that were uploaded to the Internet, the enemy was able to determine the exact location of the helicopters inside the compound and conduct a mortar attack, destroying four of the AH-64 Apaches.

Officer Kent Grosshans recommends disabling the geotagging feature on your phone (or camera) and double-checking your social media settings to see who you’re sharing location-based info with, regardless of whether you’re an enlisted soldier or a civilian.

Geotagging poses security risks (via John Nack)

  • Ben

    except disabling geotagging is not enough. If they use Icloud or one of the soldiers personal laptops is recovered or compromised by an enemy than that geo information is available, unencrypted, in the consolidated.db file. It’s there whether you turn everything trackingwise off or not. 

  • Just Visiting

    Casual picture taking should be banned inside any military camp.

  • 9inchnail

     Casual killing of civilians should also be banned but it isn’t. Tough sh*t.

  • Guererherrereelslt

    If soldiers are uploading pictures taken on a US base on occupied land and upload it to the in internet I don’t think geotagging is their main concern .. they clearly have a severe security issue on a more fundamental level!

  • OSAM

    Wait what? 

  • Aljfsalkjf


  • Asdf

    And why are we supposed to believe the gov’t account of this?

  • Pauldclarke

     War is casual killing. Thousands of innocent civilians die each year over there. Kinda like.. hmmm…. oh ya 9/11…

  • Bedollamonse

    that stupid