Unbelievable Fantasy Photos of Ants

Photographer Andrey Pavlov‘s images of ants may look like they were computer-generated or created with dead insects, but they’re actually real photographs of living ants. Pavlov spends hours setting up his fantasy scenes and then waits for his ant subjects to interact with his miniature props in just the right way.

You can see more of Pavlov’s amazing photographs here.

Image credits: Photographs by Andrey Pavlov and used with permission

  • ChristianRudman

    freakin sweet.

  • stanimir stoyanov


  • Susan

    That is awesome. He has way more patience than I do!

  • colinday

    i call BS, i don’t believe he just sits and waits for the ants to do something like that…

  • Bjckane

    haha yea the giant ant lifting the log with ants on it and the fishing one seem staged

  • Huxley

    Clearly aided with photoshop, but neat

  • mythbuster

     The “pay for work” one is the best. Occupy Ant Street!

  • Jm

    That must’ve taken a heroic act of patience…

  • Anon

    Pavlov huh, I see what you did there. ;)

  • Sam Carrot

    So funny and brilliant! It looks like scenes from a film.


  • Frauchi

    it is obviously photoshopped, still very creative though

  • Mark J P

    They look great.  I’d love to see some BTS shots too. :)

  • beatser

    already baseball caps intended for of which choice, and so Weeden