Creative Time-Lapse Video Documenting a Pregnancy

Here’s a short one minute time-lapse video that took nine months to create. It creatively documents a pregnancy and announces a new baby girl. We shared a very similar one last year.

  • Zac Henderson

    Who else at 1:07 said HOLY SH*T!? 

  • Dan Howard

    When i read the title I was like “Oh god, not another one” but it actually surprised me how well done it was. Great work.

  • Bill Loman

    This was really well done. Color me impressed. The second time I watched I totally watched her boobs get bigger and bigger but Im sort of a perv so never mind me :) (I bet Im not the only one who did)

  • RobertBobberson

    Thanks for sharing our video!  Glad you all enjoyed it.

  • David Williams

    Not bad. Quite well done.

  • Eric

     Simply beautiful, beautifully simple.

  • Careygazzail

    simply beautiful

  • Sightness

    Yeah Yeah! Puff! I heard that. That was hilarious.

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  • Nathan Caulford

    LOL. Yeah that’s pretty pervy. “Hide your wife, hide your kids!” ( )

  • Ralph Hightower

    Well, that’s not a 365 prject, more like a 270 day project. But it was great!

  • Sam Carrot

    Really amazing