Photos of High Powered Laser Rainbows Projected Across the Night Sky

“Global Rainbow” is an outdoor art installation by Yvette Mattern that consists of seven high powered lasers projecting a bright rainbow across the night sky. The rainbow was originally displayed in New York in 2009, but has since appeared in cities across the UK. If you’re lucky enough to see the project in real life, be sure to take some photographs — it’s not every day you get to enjoy rainbows at night.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credit: Global Rainbow by Rodolphe B., Global Rainbow by BruaheqVena, Global Rainbow by BruaheqVena, ‘Global Rainbow’ over Toulouse by tjeremyt, and Global Rainbow by BruaheqVena

  • Mikeprice4269

    A good way to freak a city out would be to get a lot of green ones crossing over in squares flashing on and off like the Matrix is glitching around them.

    I love this installation though.

  • Daniel de Kruijf

    Have you ever seen a laser rainbow projected at the highest church tower of the Netherlands? Last year it attracted everyones attention in Utrecht. Try this search:

  • Meru Mir

    It’s not rainbow, I’m disappointed.

  • jvwhe

    They where in NL indeed. This is the photo I took there:

  • Andrew Bowness

    The street shot makes this seem especially odd, the vibrancy and sharpness of the beams of light make me want to think it’s ‘shopped in there even though I know it isn’t.