Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow by Colorizing and Disabling Menu Options

If you’re relatively new to Photoshop, you might not know that it’s possible to highlight and/or remove the various options in dropdown menus. All you need to do is play around with the Edit->Menus screen to make your commonly used options more visible and to reduce clutter by hiding options that you’ve never touched in your life.

(via Orms Connect)

  • Ariel Marte

    …just learn keyboard shortcuts?

  • OSAM

    Keyboard shortcuts are nice, but there are none for commands I use often (Filter > other > high pass, File > Automate > photomerge and file > automate > contact sheet II; just to name a few).

    This has made life just that much easier.

  • Gobbler

    People still use Photoshop?

  • Chrswggl

     Hey everyone! A hipster!

  • Gg

    So configure your own keyboard shortcuts for those options ! 

  • Simon Ouellet

    Put some “kaleh” in those menus…

  • pandorax

    I agree with Gobbler.

    If you rely on Photoshop to create good images you fail as a photographer.

  • OSAM

    I’ve only got 10 fingers; some of the pre-existing combos are already button-intensive.

  • OSAM

    Rely on photoshop? No. Use photoshop for it’s intended use? Yes.

    Be aghast!