iOS Unlock Screen to Include Slider for Faster Camera Access

Here’s some good news for all you iPhoneographers out there: Apple’s upcoming iOS 5.1 update — the rumored release date is March 9th — will feature a new unlock screen that’s designed to make accessing your iPhone (or iPod) camera as easy as unlocking your phone. They’ve decided to include a new fixed camera slider button next to the unlock slider — simply slide this icon up to reveal the camera! Currently, the fastest way to access the camera is to double-tap the home button and then click the camera icon that appears.

(via MacRumors and BGR)

  • Rob

    My 4S has had that since 5.0…

  • Jeffrey Remick

    One swipe instead of three taps to get to my camera? Yes please!

  • Guest

    no, it does not. what yours has is a shortcut that appears only when you click twice with the home button. this is with a single click.

  • David

    Not much of a difference (I think), and I have an iPhone 4s.

  • Guest

    So it’ll make it faster by like a tenth of a second… That’s helpful.

  • Zak Henry

    One click and one swipe, instead of 3 clicks and one tap*

  • Razberrysnapple

    No, one click and one swipe as opposed to 2 clicks and 1 tap. Dumb.

  • Dave

    What a brilliant idea. Just like my android phone, but worse.

  • rye juan

    i use activator and set it so that when i double tap the clock on the lock screen it brings me to the camera instead. sleep/wake button+one double tap = faster

  • Joakim

    Exactly, also have it on my Android but since my phones camera sucks I use an other app (fm-radio). That’s one of the beauty with Android, you decide what you want not the phone company.

  • sh4ckl3

    Honestly I would almost rather double tap home and tap on the camera icon. Double tapping the home button quickly takes up no more time to me than pressing it once really (.2 sec instead of .1 sex? I’m sure I could press it at least 10 times in a second) and I’d rather tap something than drag it across my screen. I would rather Apple work on something useful, instead of a shortcut that isn’t even easier or faster.

  • X-tra

    Windows phones have a dedicated hardware button, it keeps the phone locked but you can operate the camera. Good feature.

  • Meagan Star

    it really bugs me as Ive hit the camera icon so many times when i try to unlock my phone by accident. Is there a way to turn that off?

  • asleep

    What boring people you all are.