Hack a Mirror for Close-Up Portraits of Self-Aware Animals at the Zoo

Mark Rober — the guy behind the gaping-hole-in-torso costume — recently came up with a creative way of getting up close and personal with gorillas at his local zoo. It turns out that apes can’t resist looking at themselves in mirrors, so Rober drilled a hole in a mirror and pointed his iPhone’s camera through it. He was then able to snag some awesome footage that most visitors would never be able to capture. This trick may also work for other animals that are known to pass the mirror test of self-awareness, including dolphins, elephants, and certain birds.

(via Make)

  • Dave

    Clever is different than smart. They are orangutangs, not gorillas and the pupil was constricting, not dilating.  

  • Mitchell Camps

    You just have nothing good to say, do you? 

  • Anonymous

     A troll will always be a troll.

  • twoandaquarter

    And the truth will always be the truth.