Wearable Landscape Photographs as Summer Fashion

It’s not uncommon to see photographs printed onto clothing, but Milan-based Marios‘ new Nowhere summer collection takes it to a whole new level. Many of the pieces in the collection feature landscape photographs printed across the entire garment.

You can check out the entire collection here. Could “wearable landscape photographs” be an emerging trend in the fashion world?

Summer 12 Nowhere by Marios (via Design for Mankind via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Kuba Dabrowski/Marios

  • Grace

    I want some!

  • Mr. Guest

    Is that a taco cart?

  • Pbulger

    Nice moo moos.  Where can we buy the black vest Taco Truck who-ha lady is wearing?

  • Larrdot

    The handbag is about the only appealing looking thing in the whole lot.  GADS!

  • White Hot Phoenix

    This guy is fucking with us right? Who would really wear that?

  • JulieQ

    Wow.. those are some really ugly clothes.

  • Guest

    yayyy, oversized man-clothes!

  • Mantis

    Ugly crap for pretentious women to wear at the art gallery.

  • ththt

    You know fashion is not only for women. -.-

  • Anonymous

    What’s with the human lampshade version in the third photo?  That’s just batty.