Shtuff People Say to Photographers

Less than a week ago we featured a viral video called “Sh*t Photographers Say“, which poked fun at the various clichéd expressions commonly uttered by photographers. Now here’s a humorous video by Bernie Kale about the other end of the lens: a compilations of things non-photographers say to photographers.

Thanks for sending in the tip Khalid and Jess!

  • Charlie

    BOOM!  Nailed it!  I’m a wildlife photographer and frequently get “That’s a great shot! What kind of camera do you have?”  It’s like fingernails on a blackboard.

    Charlie MacPherson

  • Will Valle


  • Blochi

    Whenever asked that question I just make an answer up on the spot. Something like “That’s a special order, it has a space-proofed sensor from NASA, that they pulled out of one of the Google satellites.”    …. or … “I don’t really know what camera it is, they just handed it to me, I didn’t even have time to read the manual.”

  • Bob


  • Justin Javellana

     I get that a lot! Also, “This lens doesn’t zoom!?” haha

  • Anonymous

    Bahahahahaha. “You know what you should do? Mini-sessions.”

  • Scott_Scheetz

    Haha “When are these going to be on Facebook?” I have heard that too many times.

  • moo

    half the things they said were actually some good communication for a model

  • Joe Mathai

    You have photoshop you can do anything. Can you take a photo of us and then photoshop us into the White house. (True story my cousin asked me that a few weeks ago)

  • anibalin

    hahaha awesome!

  • Jonne Ollakka

    Some people just don’t get prime lenses. You try to explain f-stops and that zooms don’t go faster than f/2.8 and they’re still going, “no zoom?”

  • A.S.P.


  • James Bryant

    You must have some really good equipment.

  • Kiki

    Your camera takes GREAT photos.