Nikon P510 Offers Highest Zoom Ratio Ever Seen in a Compact Camera

Nikon has unveiled a new superzoom compact camera called the P510 that offers a ridiculous 42x optical zoom — the highest zoom ratio ever seen in such a camera. In 35mm terms, the lens goes from a 24mm on the wide-angle side to a 1000mm on the telephoto end. The 16.1MP camera also boasts a 3-inch LCD screen, 1080p video recording, GPS, 5fps continuous shooting, and ISO 3200. It’ll hit store shelves later this month with a price tag of $430.

(via Nikon via Gizmodo)

  • DDW Calgary Ad Agency

    I’m waiting for the 120x zoom.

  • Calgary Guy

    I’m waiting for the 120x zoom! ;)

  • Robert Balala

    optical or digital zoom?

  • Jonas Nordlund


  • Zak Henry

    Here comes the shakiest, grainiest video footage of kid’s plays (actually just their faces at this zoom level) in a dimly lit theatre you have ever seen

  • @ticus

    Can this camera really be considered a ‘compact camera’?

  • Arthur

    42x… the photographic answer to the ultimate question of the universe! Way to go, Nikon. But does it come with a towel?

  • Raphael Lessinger

    But I’d rather chose other ameras in Nikon’s 2012 range (

    I would definitely go for the Coolpix S9200 / S9300. 18x zom range is ENOUGH on a camera. But lightweght and compact size are th ekeys to me.

  • Samsplace888

    I like this..i know Nikon will bring out a surprise..I have a P500 and its an envy of my friends who have DSLR cameras…when the Canon SX40HS arrived, my brother bought it because it is better than the P500 and i almost bought one also but I hesitated and waited and Nikon did not fail me..I want this..

  • Barry42

    That nose to the lens looks different than the P500 !! Will it take a Filter and hood ?? If so what size filter ??

  • Sam Chua

    still going to be rubbish

  • Rich Brannan

    looked at your pictures. You need a good camera

  • Johnson Earls

    How much distortion is there going to be in a 42x zoom?!?

  • Ashwath Shetty

    for more information on this coolpix go through the below link:

  • Jozef Van Giel

    No. the size is almost 52mm but filters don’t fit. This is really a stupid decision from Nikon.