5.4 Million Dot Electronic Viewfinder to Make Real Life Look Lame

While many photographers swear by optical viewfinders, it’s clear that much of the camera industry is shifting over to electronic — or hybrid — ones to offer high-tech features such as overlaid information displays. Thankfully, many of the old problems that existed with EVFs (e.g. low resolution) are starting to disappear. Case in point: French company MicroOLED has just announced a new microdisplay that packs 5.4 million dots into the highest pixel density viewfinder ever seen. To put that into perspective, the highly-reviewed viewfinder found in the latest Sony mirrorless cameras are only 2.4-million dots. MicroOLED is said to be targeting professional cameras with the display — as well as military and medical purposes.

(via Imaging Resource via Wired)

  • Ben Gebo

    Whoa, I want one!

  • Kyoshinikon

    Until there is no delay and it can handle lowlight & Bright light flawlessly Ill stay with optical…   Then again I still shoot film frequently too…

  • Honghu W

    Yet the problem with pure EVF remains that there is a delay… However, the hybrid viewfinder recently patented by Nikon seems quite promising… 

  • Hexx

    and what about that one in Fuji X100? ;)