Nikon D700 Now Officially Outdated, D800 Primed for Launch on Feb 7th

Nikon is now including the D700 in the discontinued products section of its Japanese website. The camera will be replaced with the 36MP D800, which will be unveiled on February 7th. What’s slightly surprising is the fact that the D300S has also been “discontinued”, even though we haven’t heard much so far about its successor.

(via Nikon via Engadget)

  • Spider- Man

    Figures, pull the trigger on a d7000 cause I was waiting for the d800…

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    Do we know how much it’s going to cost?

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    This is the only time my procrastination served me will, I was about to do the same thing…

  • Mike Heller

    They will be very different cameras, not sure they target the same market. The D800 will be 3-4 times the cost of the D7000.  

  • Spider- Man


  • Mike Heller

    I’m just going by rumors, nothing is set in stone.  Keep in mind though, it’s highly unlikely that the D800 would retail for less than what the D700 launched at (don’t look at the D700 price today).  If in fact the D800 will be a 36mp cam with updated video features, a $4000 USD price tag is not unlikely.  One rumor suggests $3300 with AA filter, $4000 without.  I guess we just have to wait to see what the official word is.

    Note that if the D800 is in fact $4000, that leaves a huge hole between it and the D7000, which is the next camera in the lineup in terms of recent release.  I know there is a D300S, though that tech is ready for an update and a D400 will likely fill that gap.

    My best guess:

    D7000 – 16mp ‘prosumer’ DX – $1300
    D400 – 18-24MP pro DX – $2000
    D800 – 36mp FX – $4000
    D4 – 16mp high speed FX – $6300

    Seems like a decent lineup and competitive with Canon.  Of course, two of those cams don’t exist yet, so I really have no idea what Nikon has up its sleeve.

  • Spider- Man

    FAIL sauce

  • Lara

    I wouldn’t call the D800 the D700 successor if it ends up with the rumours specs.