Wedding Photographs Featuring Barbie and Ken

French wedding photographer Béatrice de Guigné has a fun set of photographs showing what Barbie and Ken’s wedding photographs might look like if captured by a trendy contemporary wedding photographer.

You can find the entire series of photographs here.

{Wedding} Barbie & Ken (via Rock n Roll Bride via Fstoppers)

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  • Anonymous

    The last shot is soooo typical.  I know of someone who takes that shot at every wedding.  Funny series. :)

  • Anonymous

    Really? Beyond boring.

  • Dano

    as is this post

  • Slobit75

    This is cute. Bring on the Lego porn next….

  • Ndy

    ummm.. what is barbie doing down there in the second last one??

  • Snappingsam

    Now lets do a “Ken and Barbie” in the style of,  Gerry Ghonis, Bambi Cantrell, Monty Zucker and Rocky Gunn….

  • Pagehog

    Isn’t that because it’s a good photo and couples want that photo? Your comment is so typical of a photographer who thinks they are better than they are!

  • commatose

    Maybe, but I feel you misinterpreted my comment. :) I don’t take wedding photos as I have no interest in that field so I feel your attempt at an insult might be a moot point.  I’m sure it’s well-liked by a lot of people as, yes, it’s very commonly seen, and my remark was in fact with regards to how funny it was that this concept was included in the Barbie/Ken series because you do see it so often.  

    As the concept is described by Michael (author of this site) himself, “what Barbie and Ken’s wedding photographs might look like if captured by a trendy contemporary wedding photographer.”   I don’t advise comment-arguing with the author of this wonderful blog, but it was stated in the entry itself.  I hope you feel better now that I’ve explained myself. :)  If not, try a nice cup of tea or browsing another internet site. Have a nice night!

  • Pagehog

    Good response. i apologise, i just find it so tiring with the amount of over-confident/cocky/whining wedding photographers out there.

  • arananderson

    Classic idea, but I think they look a bit stiff….