Photos of Carousels Seen From All Sides

Photographer Pep Ventosa made these abstract composite images of carousels in various amusement parks around the world by photographing them from multiple angles and then blending the photographs together.

In The Round – Carousels (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Pep Ventosa and used with permission

  • Kmr0525

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these images!!!

  • Kyoshi Becker

    Impressionistic using a cubist technique with a contemporary/modern medium…. 

  • diarmuid doran

    amazing. its more like drawing than photography

  • Kmathis45


  • Anonymous

    fantastic very nice photo’s 

  • Anonymous
  • steve steve

    As a Photographer I have gone thru collage, high school, and my career not really liking multiple exposure photographs and tho most of them were film which had less control over the end product these are just freaking great. I have only seen one other person do something like this when I was in school and that was with multiple negatives on one print basically a fo multiple exposure like this but analog and not as fun a subject. Great Job.

  • quickpick

    incredible idea, well executed! fantastic pictures indeed..

  • Michael D Duckworth

    Looks like an earthquake hit during a long exposure?!

  • Mark seth


  • PhotoDingo

    …I feel dizzy… *twitch*

  • Dikaiosune01

    it looks like a 3D image when you take off your 3D glasses.