A Realistic Adobe Photoshop Simulator

Here’s something that might give you a chuckle (or be too painfully accurate for some of you): Visual Idiot created a web-based Adobe Photoshop simulator that attempts to faithfully reproduce how the program works in Mac OS X.

Adobe® Photoshop® Simulator [Visual Idiot]

  • John Reinert Nash

    Remarkably accurate.

  • OSXNotsobad

    I must have a miracle machine. I think Photoshop crashed once whilst I was rendering in After Effects which I deemed was the cause.

  • Anonymous

    Should do one for flash as well. I love how the pen tool jumps 1000s of pixels when placing anchor points

  • Visual Idiot

    I wouldn’t touch Flash with a barge pole, let alone make a simulator for it.

  • Shaun Keenan

    I suddenly feel dumb.  it took me way too long to realize the simulator was, in fact, working as expected — and is, in fact, accurate :D

  • Aidan Taylor

    shame it does not work, its just images.

  • Anonymous

    I thought the healing tool was particularly well-implemented.

  • Anonymous

    crashed in my firefox 9 and ie ….

  • 1tom

    One has to wonder how long it takes for so many people to realize that this is a hoax…

  • Dixon Marshall

    Lol, bricko, you kid (I think)