Strange and Beautiful Crop Patterns Photographed From Space

Farmlands might look pretty ordinary from ground level, but photograph crop fields from space (or even from an airplane) and you’ll see strange and beautiful patterns.

(via Wired)

Image credits: Photographs by USGS and NASA

  • Oleg

    Very precise! 

  • will hall

    In surprised the circular fields arnt arranged in a hexagonal type pattern to maximise use of space

  • Monstro

    This is why I always request a window seat when I’m flying.

  • adriana otootle

    Idont understand why passengers on planes¬† pull down the shades while traveling across the country – night or daytime- beautiful sights…

  • Joe

    Great post, where are the first and third images taken? Also, is the red in the first image real or has it been enhanced?

  • Joebob

    It’s not about the space as much as it is the water and the pivots… Plus not too many farm deeds feature 30 degree zigzag borders!

  • Bossi

    A couple tweaks and the first one becomes a toadstool from Mario Bros.

  • Sameer_Chadha

    Where can I find the photographers of these great photographs? The patterns are the reflection of interlocked lives played out over decades if not centuries. I would like to buy a print/high resolution file.

  • Joey Duncan

    because they have no soul.

  • Joey Duncan

    click on the article link, where the full article is, and I’m sure it’ll say it there.