Camera Glitches as Electronic Art

If you saw any of these images on the back of your digital camera after snapping a photograph, you’d probably want to get the camera checked out. Phillip Stearns, on the other hand, feels a sense of accomplishment. The Brooklyn-based shutterbug has a project called Year of the Glitch in which he publishes electronic glitches as art.

Year of the Glitch is a 366 day project aimed at exploring various manifestations of glitches (intentional and unintentional) produced by electronic systems.

Each day will bring a new image, video or sound file from a range of sources: prepared digital cameras, video capture devices, electronic displays, scanners, manipulated or corrupted files, skipping CDs, disrupted digital transmissions, etc.

The images in this post were created by cameras ranging from a Olympus C-840L compact camera to a Canon Digital Rebel DSLR.

Year of the Glitch (via Photojojo via Boing Boing)

Image credits: Images by Phillip Stearns

  • Vexed Films

    3rd one down is beautiful

  • Anita

    Nice. We (at Looking Glass) posted some photos we captured from a wonky sony camera a while back. Art – it’s everywhere!

  • Colecturia


  • Daniel Hoherd

    We have a Flickr pool for this sort of thing –

  • Dan

    Can the second one (the red maze) be solved?

  • 9inchnail

    Try it and let us know when you’re done or you have gone insane.

  • 9inchnail

    They all look like cover art of Nine Inch Nails albums.

  • Sebastián Soto

    Now we know where do many of CD covers come from.