Feet First: Creative Travel Photos From a First-Person Perspective

Most people like to stand inside photos taken during travels, but photographer Tom Robinson documents his adventures by showing his family’s feet. Robinson started his project Feet First back in 2005 while sitting on a beach which his girlfriend Verity, and has added over 90 photos captured from all over the world since then. In 2011, his photos began showing an extra pair of feet: those of his daughter Matilda.

Feet First (via Feature Shoot)

Image credits: Photographs by Tom Robinson and used with permission

  • 3point9

    What I see on Facebook all the time…

  • Clint

    Nice! I have a twin (triplet?) That’s very similar to my myFeet personal project I started back in 2009. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get the attraction.  I don’t care to see some stranger’s feet sticking into a photo.

  • Anonymous

    It is pretty interesting to look at all the places they’ve been but at the same time makes me feel like I have traveled nowhere in my life…

  • Dan

    I got one:

  • K S B

    I do this too everytime I travel. Then I look at my photos and notice my weird toes. Then I press delete.