Gizmon iCA Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Wannabe Leica Rangefinder

If you thought our Leica iPhone skins are geeky, check out this new case made by the Japanese brand Gizmon. It gives your iPhone a fake rangefinder-style body that isn’t entirely useless: the case’s shutter button actually takes pictures and the optical viewfinder can be used to compose shots. Additional features include a lens mount, a tripod socket, and camera strap holes.

The company is also designing an entire system of accessories to go with the case (lenses, straps, tripods):

The case is available in white, black, and brown, and is available for $65 over at Four Corner Store.

Gizmon iCA iPhone Case (via Leica Rumors)

  • Anonymous

    Imagine all the strange looks you’ll get when people see you talking to your vintage camera.

  • Mwing48

    Seems awkward because the iPhone lens is right where your pinky should be.  I bet it would get more awkward when you attach extra lenses.

  • Jon Knobelock

    or here is a novel idea, you can buy an actual rangefinder for a cheaper price than that case.

  • Ashley Pomeroy

    (wince) It looks as if your nose is going to keep hitting the home button. And as the man says, you could probably find a good old Fed or Zorki or what-have-you for a similar price.

  • 9inchnail

    But no camera for 65 bucks is going to shoot similar images as the iPhone. I hate Apple, but the camera on the 4S is top notch for a phone camera. Gotta give ‘em that.

  • Jon Knobelock

    Ive gotten beautiful images out of an argus c3 that I bet will print better than anything that iphone can produce.

    But yes I will give them their credit, those Iphones have a nice camera on them, I just figure If ya wanna have it look like a rangefinder and use those apps that try to produce the film look, just go buy a film camera.