Kodak Sells Off Its Gelatin Business

Kodak is burning through $70 million every month and desperately trying to stay alive by selling off divisions that other companies are willing to buy. After selling off its sensor business last month, the company announced yesterday that it has agreed to sell off its gelatin business (called) Eastman Gelatine) to Rousselot, the world’s leader gelatin producer. Gelatin is one of the main components used in photographic film and paper, so this certainly can’t be good news for Kodak’s future in film photography. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

(via The Wall Street Journal)

Image credit: Sometimes we shoot Kodak! by ℍmoong

  • Spider- Man


  • Vincent

    Terribly sad, a fabulous company that just needed to re-invent itself, but it should have happened 10 odd years ago. They need a new vision, a direction, to get them back on track and move forward! Think in the NOW and the future is is guaranteed!

  • DDW Calgary Web Consultant

    Lack of leadership and vision. A once great company now in its death throes.

  • Travis W Shpeley

    This fits the same pattern of desperation moves a player uses in monopoly when they have no money and have to start selling property to afford the rent on boardwalk.

  • Anonymous

    RIP Kodak.  :(

  • MikeDougherty1

    Kodak has some fantastic lower end digital P&S cameras that are ranked top in their class by Consumer Reports and other reputable consumer magazines.  It seems that they just can’t get their act together.  

  • Dnguyen

    What the f is Kodak doing?!

  • Adam

    Man, to hell with Kodak. I stopped buying their film, let them die already. The day they switched to patent trolling to stay afloat was the day I lost all my respect for them.

  • AlessandroMachi

    Mike, I noticed the same thing.  Kodak has a 21 optical zoom digital camera for less money than Canon’s 8x optical zoom.

  • user

    As a BIG company like that while losing money it is only natural they need to sell their assets to stay afloat. Their patents are their biggest asset and easily sold. You cant hate on them for trying to stay in the game…So buy their shit if you want to keep them alive…