Use a Christmas Wreath Case to Protect Your Beauty Dish

Beauty dishes are pricey, and so are dedicated cases for carrying them around. If you want a cheap and simple way to protect your dish, LA-based photographer Mariusz Jeglinski suggests buying a Christmas wreath bag for less than $10. The shape works nicely for dishes, and you can add some extra padding to the case if you want added protection.

(via Strobist)

Image credits: Photographs by Mariusz Jeglinski/Strobist and M. Nguyen

  • Nat

    Today I learned that you could buy bags for wreaths.

  • AtlantaTerry

    Following the same suggestion on Flickr a couple years ago, I have been using a wreath bag to carry my Paul Buff 22″ beauty dish around.
    Yes, it is cheap but the problem is there is no protection from dings or getting bent. And there is no place to store grids. I plan to purchase the official Paul Buff carry bag for their BD because it offers more protection and a place to store grids.