Blink Aims to Bring Some Color to Boring Ol’ Lens Caps

Tired of using generic black lens caps? There’s a new company called Blink that’s trying to bring some color to the world of lens protection. It’s currently trying to raise $55,000 through crowdfunding to manufacture a line of 58mm lens caps in 6 designs, which are designed to make people smile when they catch a glimpse of your camera. The caps are significantly more expensive than your standard lens cap though: you’ll have to donate $25 to the campaign to land one of them.

raise $55,000 through crowdfunding (via Photography Monthly)

  • Dana Weise

    I want the one with the mustache. XD

  • None

    Or just print something on sticker paper and save yourself $54,990

  • Stephan Henningsen

    …minus a printer and blank sticker-paper, of course.

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think the $1 and $5 options are of any value, the PDF is a curiousity, and the actual lens cover doesn’t seem worthwhile.

  • lloyd

    Companys need to move away from edge release caps and start making the centre release ones. I’m not sure what there called but sigma do them.

    I currently have a 77mm sigma cap on my canon 24-70 2.8f L because with hood on i can remove the lens cap easy peasy!

    anyone else have this issue?

    i think nikon do the caps im asking about

  • Anonymous

    I agree with this. So many times I’ve put the hood on and then had that moment of realization the cap is still on and I have to take the hood off again!

  • Osmosisstudios

    Nikon have been doing this for years, OEM.

  • patrick wilken

    Three quick thoughts:

    1. Since when do companies use crowd sourcing for fund raising? I don’t like it when the banks do this; why would I help finance a company? Completely unclear where the $50k is going here.

    2. I don’t care how “eco” there designs are. It’s not green to throw away a perfectly cap that came with your lens for a cap.

    3. I think these designs look like crap.

  • realme

    Cheap looks cheap with the cap.

  • Travis


    Number of times I have used my body cap in the last 7 years?  Once, to send the camera out for repair….

  • Anonymous

    1) it’s not an old company here, sounds like a boot-strap startup.  I imagine most of the $55,000 goes towards tooling, which is about right.  Injection molds cost a lot of money.

    It’s too bad that shares of a company can’t be bought and sold in a simpler way, I really don’t want to be investing in a company if the only return is a product that would be sold for the same price I would have paid for it.

    2) agreed.  But if you’re replacing a lost cap?

    3) agreed.  I wouldn’t pay that much anyway.

  • Matt

    If only they had lens caps in sizes other than 58mm….I would totally buy one. I have no lenses with this size cap.

  • captaindash

    Lens cap. Not body cap.

  • captaindash

    One, learn how to spell “their”. Two, Kickstarter does this all the time. Why does this bother you? Don’t give me this garbage about the waste of thowing away a lens cap. You are on a computer in a civilized area so you are making some serious environmental ‘sacrifices’ on a daily basis for the creature comforts you enjoy, so get off your high horse. At least it’s recyclable.

  • Mattia Saia