Portraits of People With Faces Glowing From the Light of Cell Phones

Social Lights is a project by photographer Seymour Templar that’s like a nighttime version of Joe Holmes’ Texting series that we featured earlier this year. Templar documented social life in NYC by snapping portraits of people interacting with others through their cell phones. Each individual unwittingly helps out by lighting their own faces with their phone displays.

Social Lights (via Flavorwire)

  • Boyd

    I recently did a serie that’s the same….

  • Philip Han

    OH COME ON! I am currently working on EXACTLY the same topic/subject.

    I need to work better, harder, and faster!

  • too much assassin’s creed

    Oh no! A Templar! 

  • Josh Ladella

    And stronger.

  • Mynameis

    Link ?

  • Emcgruff

    Everyone is doing this… it was original a couple of years ago,,, but MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO!   And there’s alot of monkeys now! lol   

  • lloyd

    I’m doing a series of portraits of people with the lens cap on, so far I’m finding it hard to build up the motivation tho, they seem to be turning out quite uninspiring.

    also I mixed a bunch of them up so there’s like 3 re-shoots in need to do :(

  • DS Photography

    #4 is the best. I like that I can’t see anyone elses faces, but the cellphone girl. Any info on the lens used? It doesn’t look like a sub f/2.8 blur, and I don’t think they would allow a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens in the restaurant. 
    I’m guessing a 24-105 f/4 on a 5D II at 3200 ISO.

  • Boyd

    actually, i used a 50mm F1,8 the whole time. It took me about 15 months to complete, which includes pictures from almost every country in Europe…

  • James Whooget

    hey, Is my face glowing in this picture? :)

  • Kyle Wagner

    Monkey see monkey do? I don’t think so. I’m kind of upset because like the other people commenting I too had this idea for awhile that I wanted to capture in a photographic series. I didn’t copy anybody’s idea and if I did I’m not the type of person to waste my time coming on here to lie about it. It’s a shame I’m not the only one, but that goes for everything in life. Great inventions sometimes happen almost around the same time too from people in different parts of the world. It’s just a coincidence is all, and by no means will I copy or had this exact idea in my head in the first place. 

  • Bob

    I think the last one is kinda disturbing: Aren’t people able to eat without any distractions anymore? One of the most basic human needs spoiled by a magazine and a cell phone. Wonder how long it takes until people only use their food apps instead of eating..

  • Ranhoff


    Its probably your lighting set up. Mix it up to make your series a little more inspirational. And try to stay more organized man!  

  • rach

    seriously, get off the phone and enjoy your food ; )

  • Anonymous
  • Thomas Valenzuela

    Nice shot…

  • Anonymous
  • Simon Ouellet

    Zack Arias is doing it to with his de_VICE serie.

  • alone we sand
  • Anonymous

    dang it – i’m doing a series of people in the glow of a peta-pixel page about portraits of people with …