How Do People Respond to a Disposable Camera Left Unattended in Public?

This video shows a social experiment in which disposable cameras were left unattended in various public locations with a simple message: “Take a Photo”. Hidden cameras were stationed nearby to observe how people responded to the cameras, and to provide some behind-the-scenes footage to how the various photographs were captured.

  • Scott Huck

    Great idea … I am going to do this when I am in London this summer. Cool!

  • Anonymous

    Very cool:)

  • Anonymous

    wonderful idea, awful photos though. also possibly a copyright nightmare:)

  • Alan Dove

    Interesting that most of the photos were taken at night. Either they didn’t time the drop-off very well, or people just need to be liquored up before they’ll participate in something like this.

  • guest

    In such an artistic city, Laguna Beach, I’d think that people would be less apprehensive to this idea.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the ppl doing this care about copyright. Looks like it’s for kicks.

  • Rui

    If you left this out in my country, it would be gone in thirty minutes.

  • Radu Dumitrescu

    That’s indeed very cool. I should try that here at home, but I doubt I’ll still have the camera by the end of the roll :)

  • Guest

    Not a single person took a picture of their junk?  That’s usually the first thing I do when I find a camera that’s not mine!

  • João Madeira

    Similar experience in Portugal:
    Some cameras got “lost”.

  • Paul Smith

    What a great idea! Now what’s the title of the song by Conveyor. Catchy!

  • Marius Gherghe

    In my country in 10. :))

  • Pavel Kounine

    What a poorly made video. 1/3 of it features the kids drawing on the pizza boxing and placing it in different locations. This could’ve all been omitted, or at the very least, significantly condensed. What a waste.

  • Natalie

    I like how the people who were alone took a photo of their surroundings, and people with friends/family took photos of themselves. If you’re alone, I guess you’re looking outward, looking for and/or open to a connection. If you’re with friends, that’s where your focus is.