Apple iCam: A Modular Concept Camera That Uses an iPhone for Brains

The Apple iCam is a concept camera by Italian designer Antonio DeRosa that imagines a future where cameras are modular and powered by smartphones. Smartphones have already invaded the compact camera market in recent years, but their small lenses and sensors keep them from being seen as suitable alternatives to more advanced cameras. The iCam camera changes that by adding a large sensor and interchangeable lens system to the mix. Simply attach your iPhone 5 to the case and you’ll have yourself a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a huge LCD screen, fast processor, internet connectivity, and countless photo apps!

Check out the full gallery here.

Apple iCam (via ISO50)

  • kaolin fire


  • DP

    omg. this is genius. 

  • Shawn Parker

    It would probably need to be a little thicker than that, but if it put all that together with Micro 3/4 lenses then it truly would be droolworthy.

    But get rid of the forward facing preview. Its worthless (well, to those of us that DON’T take pictures of ourselves all day long).

  • Josh Ladella

    Nikkor 1 series lenses and a Canon interface? Anyway, this would be a wonderful and much more practical take on the mirrorless market.

  • Tyson Williams

    I want…

  • Ranger 9

    “Siri, is this going to be a good picture?”

    “No. I’ll turn on the flash. And I’ve found some information on the Rule of Thirds.”

  • Late2theParty

    So basically the designer takes a Nikon One Lens (from it’s promo shots) photoshops Apple on it and puts it with an existing Iphone?   

  • Anonymous

    Drool at rolling shutter and low storage !

  • Thatcherd

    What iPhone is that?! It’s not a 4S. iPhone 5?

  • Cochese

    Jesus friggin’ christ. At this point, just get a damned digital camera. You’ll probably end up saving yourself space and you’ll end up with much better photos and video.

  • wickerprints

    I find it amusing how so many “designers” try to emulate Jony Ive’s product design aesthetic, but ultimately fail miserably.  The result always looks like some cheap Chinese knockoff of real Apple products.  It reflects a complete misunderstanding of the very methodical and careful approach to a minimalist user interface balanced with intuitive functionality that is what makes Apple product design what it is.  I mean, just look at this thing.  Hack job aside (i.e. appropriating a Canon camera interface for the rear display), you would never expect Ive to design something that has extraneous buttons and shapes that don’t flow.

    It just goes to show that talent of Ive’s caliber is quite rare.

  • Potver

    Great idea, looks great, but… why not stick a large screen and (while your at it) a couple of additional controls to the back of the camera module, and you have a camera that looks just as great, and can operate independant of the phone? O wait, that would be just a normal camera :)

  • Anonymous

    Oh lord, please no.

  • Nuno Cruz

    The internet would not forgive a name as iCam, it didn’t on iPad, iCam XD

  • Sybje

    Where is my camera I need to call. Well maybe if it was not an Apple produkt…..maybe it could be nice

  • Thomas Valenzuela

    my iPhone has 64 GB of storage

  • Jgabus

    Siri:  Can you send all my pics to my iTV?  Siri, sure no problem.

  • SeattleRio

    Did anyone notice that this iPhone looks different?  Would this be the missing iPhone 5 prototype? 

  • stanimir stoyanov

    “The Apple iCam is a concept camera by Italian designer Antonio DeRosa that imagines a future where cameras are modular and powered by smartphones.”

    It’s just a concept by a designer unrelated to Apple.

  • เคนจิ ซูซููรัน

    co  cool

  • Oscar Blanco

    And why in the hell wait for that iCam, if you already can use your iPhone 4s as an SLR with SLR lenses (which I suppose the iCam won’t use, meaning, it’s a fixed lens, defenitely NOT a reflex system).

  • Antonio De Rosa

     #Apple #iCam even more revealed: discover the unboxing.
    #iphone5 #iphone4s

  • Oscar Blanco

    hahaha, good work Antonio.

    Even went ahead and rendered the packaging :D
    I’m not sure about the top image on the box though, maybe you could have gone the way apple normally does, a straight up front pic of the product, like iphone, imac and ipod boxes.
    I think the iphone with the camera interface render looks a little too opaque.

  • a2zStuff

    superb camera love it

  • Mekan93

    çok güzel yaa, ben böyle muhteşem bir telefon görmedim,süper süper,süper yaa.seni istiyorum ya benim olmalısın sen.

  • Tushar_i7

    i love icam

  • Entkafi

    is is my favorate company . iCam i wont bay it soooooooon

  • Black_rose 21


  • Asda

    siktirin lan ne saçma bişii

  • Merouanehamza


  • Judahalex

    i need

  • Talamusak22

    no flash??

  • Stephan Kassandrov

    Аз ще харесвам най-голям луксозен нов модел фотоапарат + мобилен телефон + интернет + контролна игра + голяма дълга мегапиксела вече победител номер 1 в света пак и най-добре! Следващи през пролет, лято или есен внос към България, но когато струва скъпото на цената – Apple icam phone! (yes, yes, yes…)

  • Franky Frankenstein

     There is a flash. look it up on YouTube there is a video. 

  • Lee Balino

    i wish it has a safety lock for the phone it self so it can’t fall off by accident xD

  • film guy

    *I’ll Turn Off the Flash, no good photos are taken with a camera flash!

  • Michael Chung

    The adapter to use SLR lenses with an iPhone/smartphone does not turn the phone into an SLR system (you would need a mirror and prism to do that – that is something inherent in the body of an SLR system and NOT the lens). From the description provided, the iCam is NOT a fixed lens concept (it envisions interchangeable lenses) – it is a mirrorless (non-SLR) interchangeable lens design (like the micro four thirds format).

  • steve

    this concept is thinking outside the box. he has managed to link a DSLR camera to a mobile phone. I mean, my friends and I were just thinking that camera phones now have higher MegaPixels than most digicams and I mentioned that a Nokia DSLR would not be long off. this is taking it to a new level and making my thought a reality.

    although, you can see that this is not yet a real thing, for one, the iPhone5 has not been released. another would be that if it was, I’m sure, they will be locks on that device to prevent the iPhone from moving (and falling off for that matter.) I agree with Shawn Parker, there is no need for the front facing camera and LCD beside the lens. that’s pointless because the iPhone already has that.

    just sharing my thoughts here because i think, this would be a great thing for an iPhone. this is the transition that i’ve been waiting for. :)

  • milo jones

    relax dude, you’re way to into being really cool

  • Beth

    Not true! When used correctly, flash can be bounced to create beautiful and natural fill light. It can also aide in ensuring that a bright backlit background can be exposed correctly (not blown out) while still having correct exposure with fill flash for the object in the foreground. I used to think flash was bad, too. But that was because I didn’t know how to use it correctly!

  • Kailey Curts

    can you get this, and have it work for an ipod touch 4th gen?

  • mitch collins


  • mitch collins

    this thing is sickkkk

  • AJ

    pure beaty I wonder If you can give Siri commands such as eg. Zoom 10x, or record, or change frame rate to 25fps

  • Jack Johnson

    yeah, thats what he said. my Galaxy S3 has 128 GB

  • Mina Samir


  • mena

    What Price

  • Alex

    on camera flash is terrible, a flash gun or off camera flash however can be amazing.

  • Brian

    I suggest you first study Dieter Rams, the man Jony Copies.

  • Brewermeister

    K this would be cool, buuuuut it says “connect your iPhone 5….” That clearly is not an iPhone 5 port.