Apple iCam: A Modular Concept Camera That Uses an iPhone for Brains

The Apple iCam is a concept camera by Italian designer Antonio DeRosa that imagines a future where cameras are modular and powered by smartphones. Smartphones have already invaded the compact camera market in recent years, but their small lenses and sensors keep them from being seen as suitable alternatives to more advanced cameras. The iCam camera changes that by adding a large sensor and interchangeable lens system to the mix. Simply attach your iPhone 5 to the case and you’ll have yourself a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a huge LCD screen, fast processor, internet connectivity, and countless photo apps!

Check out the full gallery here.

Apple iCam (via ISO50)

  • Vincenzo

    its not an iphone

  • Alyson King

    where can i buy this contraption

  • Chris Murgatroyd

    Great idea, just not apple we dont need to prefix “i” to everything! It would be usless when apple make the new phone bigger and change the connector again anyway.

  • Mara

    I think it would be great. If someone was taking a picture of you, you would notice… no more awkward out of photo experiences, and if you’ll know beforehand if theres something stuck in your teeth (or any obscure scenario really) and fix it.

  • Mara

    i think preview is great. if you take pictures of people, they’ll look at the preview. that way, chances are they’ll be more happy with the photo and won’t ask to look at the photo you just took (that gets annoying)