Time-Lapse of Satellite Photos Shows the Passing of Seasons on Earth

Here’s an amazing time-lapse created using NASA’s Earth Observatory photographs of our planet. It spans an entire year, and shows how lands change with the passing of seasons. You can download a higher-res version here.

(via Reddit)

  • Aydensgrace


  • Mrbeard

    i think it shows the effect the gulf stream has on the UK, keeping it warmer compared to other countries on the same Latitude, though it doesnt feel like that at the time :-/

  • Mike Heller

    Is it just me or does the link to the high res version not work?

  • GeckoKid

    I wonder if there’s a version that includes sea ice?

  • Michael Zhang

    What do you see when you click it?

  • Mike Heller

    404 Error

  • Mike Heller

    Works at home, not at work. May be filtered for one reason or another.

  • Anonymous

    This makes it easier to pinpoint an area to move where I don’t see any traces of white stuff…

  • Torbjorne

    The changes in the green arias is also interesting