BBC Film Crew Captures Time-Lapse of Underwater “Icicle of Death”

Here’s an amazing clip from the BBC series Frozen Planet. The film crew used time-lapse photography to capture “brinicle” forming under sea ice. As the beautiful icicle forms, it also becomes deadly — once it touches down, the resulting web of ice kills the slow-moving life on the sea floor. You can read more about the phenomenon here.

  • Aydensgrace


  • Graham Case

    My reaction exactly.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Amazing. The shots of the moving sea stars were kind of jaw-dropping.

  • Tim Lapse

    The BBC are in a class of their own when it comes to nature documentaries. Also, Sir David Attenborough is a legend. If you live in some deprived area of the world where they re-cut and re-dub his stuff with Oprah, you should strive to get hold of the original versions.

  • Dnguyen


  • Emmanuel Hemmings

    It doesnt look like the sea bed but land.  The photography is absolutely stunning and if it werent for Attenborough’s voice I wouldnt have believed it.