Use a Shoe to Remove Stuck Lens Filters

Here’s a quick tip for if you ever have a hard time removing a lens filter from a lens (e.g. when it’s damaged): use a shoe. Simply take any shoe with a grippy flat bottom, press it firmly against the filter, and then turn it. It’s a super simple technique that should work every time unless the threads on the lens itself are badly damaged.

Thanks for the tip, Luke!

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  • Tree Light Pictures

    Better start wearing shoes then…

  • Anonymous

    Check your kitchen drawers – you might have a flat rubber disk used for unscrewing tight jar lids.  These also work well for removing stuck filters.

  • Benoit Touchette

    those yellow rubber gloves used for cleaning also work miracles.

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Don’t forget to remove your foot from the show before you try it…

  • The Blue Boy

    A better way is to a rubber band.

  • f2point8

    also chewing gum, thumb tacks, soda, toilet paper, and motor oil.

  • Shannon Rosan

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  • Franck Le Rhun

    I generally use my (leather) belt. So I don’t have to remove my shoe !

  • Nelis Lamprecht

    +1 on using a rubber band. Did so just a week ago to remove a stuck CP filter, works like a charm.

  • Steve-o

    doesnt seem handy at all.. the mentioned rubber band seems much more logical.

  • Tom Waugh

    As mentioned by Nelis (above) a rubber band works great. I always have some lying around in my camera bag as they come in useful for other stuff as well such as bundling cables etc..

  • B.M.

    What if it is circular polarizer filter? :D


    Don’t your pants fall down then? I’d rather be shoeless than pantsless.

  • Mark

    Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Bolt Lynn

     Worked perfectly for me – thank you :)

  • Mike

    The trick is to lay the lens filter flat against the shoe (shoe is on the ground, upside down) and push the lens down as you twist. Worked like a charm – thanks!

  • JimyD

    Excellent tip. I was having a hell of time removing a B + W filter from my Panasonic pancake lens and tried this before going the pliers route. One twist on the bottom of my basketball shoes and off it came. Thanks!