Kodak Trying to Sell Its Photo Sharing Service for “Hundreds of Millions”

Earlier this month, Kodak sold off its sensor business in an effort to raise some cash to stay alive and hopefully turn things around. Now the company is looking to get even leaner by selling off its online photo sharing business. Photo sharing? Kodak? Yup, it’s called Kodak Gallery. While it’s not surprising that the camera maker has online services, what might be surprising is the price they’re looking to sell it for: according to the Wall Street Journal, it’s in the “hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Kodak first jumped into the online photo sharing and printing game in 2001, when it purchased Ofoto for somewhere south of $100 million. The service reportedly amassed 75 million customers worldwide and was bringing in $150 million in annual revenue at its peak. However, it has never been profitable and last month saw only 1.5 million visitors. In addition to the service itself, Kodak is selling off some of its valuable patents related to uploading and sharing photos online.

Kodak Seeks to Sell Online Photo-Sharing Business Kodak Gallery (via Reuters)

  • f2point8

    It was a good service, but it was never a photo sharing site at its heart. It was all about selling the prints. It was never an online community at heart. It was all about the Kodak brand. And that brand made a name for itself as cheap and cheesy photo gear. They have never been able to dig their way out of that hole, despite having invented and made some of the most awesome stuff in the photo world. Kodak is the next Polaroid.

  • lloyd

    “$150 million in annual revenue” “However, it has never been profitable”

    what were these idiots doing? shareholders burning it to keep worm?

  • Guest

    Ohh Kodak.. Nothing they’ve done with digital photography has been outstandingly successful :/

  • Nikonfotomatt

    Ahhh…Kodak’s latest success at shooting itself in the foot. When it comes to a history of great shots, Kodak certainly leads the pack!

  • Nikonfotomatt

    Oh, and by the way…a copyright grab all the way. I am really loving this twist of language:

        25.    Image Rights and Sharing
Kodak Imaging Network does not claim ownership rights in any image contained in your account. In order to enable us to display your images through the Service (for example, in slideshows and on sample merchandise), and fulfill any orders for you or others who have access to your images, you grant to Kodak Imaging Network a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, copy, distribute, and display those images.

    On the one hand, these sites claim to NOT want your copyright and then immediately follow up with the “royalty-free” clause!


    Not sure? Copy the T&C’s into a text document, then search “royalty-free” to find the clause.