Wildlife Photographer Captures Beautiful Display of Crocodile Eyes

Photographer Daniel Fox captured this beautiful (and spooky) photograph of dozens of pairs of caiman eyes staring back at him in the darkness.

Depending on the angle between the reptile and the camera flash, a different colour is produced. Caiman eyes have a layer called tapetum behind their retina, containing crystals that reflect light and make night vision possible. [#]

The photograph was made at a Yacare Pora farm in Ituzaingo, Argentina.

Image credit: Photograph by Daniel Fox and used with permission

  • Cata

    way better than Gursky’s

  • Tyler Olson

    spooky, I can just imagine standing there in the swamp wondering how much longer before you foot disappears as a little night lunch :)

  • mastkhan

    It reflect same as cat eyes