An Epic Battle Between Photographers and Videographers

If you liked the Battle at F-Stop Ridge video that went viral earlier this year, then you’ll probably enjoy this humorous video showing a major battle in the war between photographers and videographers. It was created by Switzerfilm at After Dark, a photography education “un-conference” in Tucson, Arizona.

(via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

  • Matty


  • Alexbouthillier

    It’s a video of a battle between video and photos, I think I know who won…

  • Manwithacamera

    Hehehehe. First photographers and videographers fight. Then husbands and wives fight to get divorce :))))

  • Paul D

    I notice this is a video, not a photograph…

  • Michael

    Hey is that Ari the Videographer?

  • Anonymous

    This was awesome until the lightsabers came out. Star Wars parodies need to stop. It’s not funny anymore. 

  • Rishabh Kesarwani

    This is a video, Videographers won! :)

  • Idenwen

    This Video is currently not available in your country, ’cause it could contain music that could be property of some company…. … I hate that….

  • Bndimaging


  • Bndimaging


  • Josh Ladella

    So there was no photographer to block the videographer filming this movie?

  • Fruit Tree Studios

    Ha ha!  Nice.