Stop-Motion Music Video Shot Over Two Years with 288,000 Jelly Beans

Want to see what pure dedication looks like? This music video for the song “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis is a stop-motion animation done with a background composed of jelly beans. It’s a crazy project that required 22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people, and 288,000 jelly beans. They could have used CGI, of course, but each frame was carefully created by hand and photographed with a still camera. It’s even more mind-blowing given this fact: none of it was done with a green screen.

Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look into how it was made:

All this for a 3-minute video that most people will quickly move on from when it’s over. That’s dedication.

  • Scott

    They shot the video against a green screen with the artwork composted in, then he used that to tell her how to pose to match the current frame, then shot that, and it became the final video. The green screen video was a tool for the stop-action animation.

  • Moisernesto

    as a movie like titanic on the same time congratulations guys 

  • iLIKEjellybeans

    wow! really??? i think you need to check her stats before you go on saying that she needed this better-than-awesome video “to actually get people to listen to it.” way before she did this video, kina’s music was doing well on it’s own. without a huge record company backing her (though she did have that chance, but turned it down so as not to become a music-industry zombie & to stay true to herself) and just the efforts of her loyal fan base, i’d say she’s doing quite well. when you know someone as passionate as she is about her music, you’ll know the dedication it took to make this project. how about you get to know her first and what she’s done, better yet, HOW she’s done all of this, before you decide to say things like “this video is dedication towards being an attention whore.” let’s see you write a better song and make a better video. go ahead. the floor is yours!

  • Anders

    Why can’t a person have an opinion about something without having to make something better. Isn’t it OK to dislike some things?

  • Anonymous

    this is nice !

    whats the average number of jelly beans per frame though? i.e, the jelly bean resolution?

  • Steve

    I question the sanity of anyone involved in this project. 

  • Pat

    Interesting effect. I wonder how long before we see others copycat
    it? 22 months?

  • Matt White

    That is an incorrect use of ‘troll’.

  • Matt White

    Makes as much sense as saying you can’t like something unless you make something worse.

  • Jeremy Taylor

    The thing I really need to know before I ‘like’ this video is: were any jellybeans harmed in the making of this movie?

  • Niix Starkyller

    Precisely how is it aesthetically banal? Or did that just sound like a super-neat(!) phrase to use when all you wanted to say was: “I didn’t like it…”?

    I respect your right to have an opinion even if I think it’s patently silly. The aesthetics of art are linked closely to its form. In this regard, the form was appreciable given today’s cultural norm. To separate the form from the art is like saying, “I don’t like that car because it has wheels.”

    (Speaking of cultural norms, banal is a word generally used by snobs. You might want to avoid it in normal discussion. Trust me. I have a ten-penny word problem, too.)

  • Guava

    nice, but they could’ve done wilder visuals with the beans.

  • Guava

    Agree with Bells.   It’s a neat concept, a tad disappointing.  I was hoping for punchier design, and more interesting and clever use of the jelly beans. Then again, I found the song sleep inducing.

  • Guava

    Agree with Bells.   It’s a neat concept, a tad disappointing.  I was hoping for punchier design, and more interesting and clever use of the jelly beans. Then again, I found the song sleep inducing.

  • Otto Mäkelä

     Exactly what I was going to say.

  • Jellybellyfan

    This takes lip synching to a whole new level! 

  • Kestra15

    Truly amazing and breathtaking – a brilliant song of it’s own accord, and the video is real art. You guys deserve so much recognition; thank you for this wonderful music video.

  • Marcos

    They should have put a less beautiful and cute singer in front of it.. 
    It is really hard to follow the surely great art in the background because of Kina.. :)

  • Luca

    what’s wrong with you guys? 
    I can’t believe you did that!JUST AMAZING!!!!! 

  • Nathan Binns

    who got to eat all the jellybeans afterwards?

  • Sandy

    Amazing animation. What else have you done and What’s next?

  • S DuVernois

    wow! I mostly could not see the pause of each picture. Their patience has to be never ending t spend so long to make something that people are just going to watch for three minutes and move on.  LOVE YOU PEOPLE FOR DOING THIS!!!!!!

  • amberk

    I think the “glitchiness” makes it beautiful.  In my opinion, if you make it too smooth it looks too real.  But then again, I’m not a fan a fan of 3D animation (or video games) for that reason.  Animation should look like animation. 

  • kayebird

    Here’s a similar thing with buttons. Love it!