Creative Viewfinder Business Card for a Freelance Photographer

Barcelona-based design studio low ink created this unique business card for freelance photojournalist Hugo Fernandez. It’s a viewfinder with a see-through focusing screen and the photographer’s contact information in the information readout at the bottom!

  • Brunilda

    I really like this one ;)

  • Anonymous


  • Dnguyen


  • Clint Davis

    But everything is blurry!!! JK these are cool

  • Marc

    Wow, those must of been expensive!

  • Andy Hayne

    If I can’t read your business card without reading glasses I throw it out. Cool is fun unless you want to have clients/customers over forty.

  • Jayce Van Der Linden

    thats cool and all, but the only people who are going to understand the concept are other photographers. Depending on who your client is, that is going to be one weird card.

  • Bong

    Have to agree, only somewhat experienced photographers would get the reference easily… bit wasted.


    I want this!