Grndctrl Will Tell You How Long It’ll Take to Save up for That Gear You’re Eyeing

Want to know how long it’ll take you to save up for that camera or lens you’ve been dreaming of buying? grndctrl, an uber-simple personal finance web app, can tell you. It doesn’t take any personal details, but simply asks for your income, expenses, and savings amounts. You can then provide it with a list of “rewards” that you’d like to save up for, and it will give you estimates of how long you’ll need to wait.

grndctrl (via MakeUseOf via Lifehacker)

  • Brandon

    I wish my rent was only $300/month!

  • Ashish Bahl

    Forget about the calculation, this auto start video ad on right side of related posts would do more damage than good to petapixel , all theĀ calculationsĀ about ad revenue will go fail if once again i find the same thing on PP site while surfing at 12:30 in night………

  • Michael Zhang

    Did it autostart completely by itself, or was your mouse hovering over it? We shouldn’t have any autostart ads…