Portrait Photos ‘Printed’ Onto Abandoned Buildings by Scratching Off Paint

Artist Alexandre Farto has an interesting method of ‘printing’ large scale portrait photographs onto walls. Instead of using paint, he scratches paint away. Starting with a guide painted onto the wall using a stencil, Farto carefully scratches and chips paint and plaster away from walls using a jackhammer, pick, hammer, and his hands. His giant photos can be seen on abandoned buildings in cities around the world, including Moscow, London, and NYC.

You can see more of these portraits on Farto’s website in a section titled ‘Scratching the Surface‘.

Scratching the Surface (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Alexandre Farto and used with permission

  • Wes Mason

    There is a great piece of his on Abbot Kinney St. in Venice Beach, CA

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!

  • Dan

    yesterday, one of my teachers said “the only investment you have to make to something great is to have an idea”. And, man, this guy did have an idea… just awesome. 

  • David

    Its a variation on this:

  • Andreas

    This is not purely paint scratching, there’s is also plaster that has come off with explosives. Here you can see a video that let’s see how it’s done:

  • Green Global Travel

    This is fantastic, what a great idea! And it’s done with such precision as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sir Farts

    No one noticed his surname is Farto, seriously?