Retiree Raises Nearly $200,000 for Charity by Repairing Old Cameras

Photography enthusiast and retired physicist Milo Shott of Oxford, England has found a way use his love for cameras to raise boatloads of money for the poverty-fighting charity Oxfam: camera repair. 11 years ago, Shott noticed some workers at an Oxfam store throwing out an old piece of camera equipment. After saving it from the trash, he fixed it up and helped the store sell it for £270.

Since then, Shott has helped the charity repair old camera gear and sell it off at events held four times a year — events so popular that long lines form and ~$5,000 is raised in a week. In all, Shoot has helped the charity raise more than £120,000 (~$192,000) since he started.

(via BBC via PopPhoto)

  • Teknisyan

    That’s one way in helping the poor!

  • Chris Blizzard Photo

    It’s great, and it’s pretty good as a customer too. I’ve picked up some really nice lenses for not a lot of money. I even picked up my first film camera from one of the events. An old Zenit. Milo was also nice enough to show me everything on the camera Inc how to use it, winding film etc… (basic stuff but when you’ve never done it before…)